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L.C.G. means L=Loyalty C=Center G=Greatness
"People who are loyal to themselves and others will see on the end of the day that Loyalty will be the Center of their Greatness"

"My music is a reflection of my daily reality, I could write a song from any situation close to me or far from me. Music is my passion. I am humble & talented enough to know that something like this does not apply to everyone. I am fortunate and blessed enough to be able to do what I love to do. I don't make music to be famous. I make music for people that likes to hear reality rap, rapping about real life situations, about our daily struggles & happiness. I make music with a purpose to serve the people and giving them a voice. I only have a few goals. So when you take the time to listen to my music, make sure you really take your time to listen to my music.
Thank you for your support. L.C.G"